Our Java library jSHIP implements the SHIP specification version 1.0.1. It provides dynamic discovery of EEBus service instances in a network and resolves other nodes through multicast DNS. It can be used to easily setup a decentralized and secured websocket communication with TLS. For that, all defined states of chapter SHIP Data Exchange of the specification are supported. As developer you can use our library out of the box without installing any infrastructure. We provide an API package with all needed classes for usage, to instantiate a ship node as server or client.

Release 1.0.0
  • supports SHIP v1.0.1
  • good interoperability with jSPINE
  • secure TCP/IP connections using TLS/SSL Encryption (IETF RFC 5246) and WebSockets (IETF RFC 6455)
  • Certificate-Based authentication
  • non-blocking, asynchronous authentication process
  • discovery of active nodes using mDNS (IETF RFC 6762) and DNS-Based Service Disovery (IETF RFC 676)
Please contact us if you have any questions about implementation and offered services.