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Your Solution To Smart Grid And Smart Home Applications.

Welcome to the one stop place for monitoring and control solutions for the Smart Grid. We offer you open source solutions for your Smart Grid project.

Our products consist of:

We offer the following services to you:

  • Dual licenses for our products

  • Support for all our products

  • Development of custom Smart Grid solutions

  • Consulting on communication solutions and Smart Grid applications

Our products:

  • have a small footprint because they are designed for embedded devices.

  • are 100% pure Java and therefor run on most available operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac) and CPU architectures (Intel & ARM). 

  • are being used in many projects world-wide

You can download your package (single library or complete framework) and start today. It\222s open source. The possibility for dual licensing will follow soon. Support for your professional project is optional available, please have a look to the contact page.