Hybrid Energy Storage System

The fluctuating power generation of renewable energy sources is a todays challenge for security of supply. In the European project NETfficient different storage technologies are integrated into grid on the North Sea island Borkum to ensure grid stability and energy availability. Our part is the development of an energy management system (EMS) for a hybrid energy storage system. This storage system consist of inverters, large batteries and ultra capacitors. The EMS monitors the storage system and reports current measurements to the higher-level energy management platform (EMP) of the smart grid. Based on the measurements and current grid situation the EMP activates different use cases for the EMS like peak  shaving, primary reserve, instantaneous reserve and others.

OpenMUC EMS Application

  • Project specific CAN driver (controller area network) for communication between EMS and storage system
  • Fast data acquisition with sampling interval of 100 ms
  • Project specific web service as communication interface between EMS and EMP
  • Control algorithm for computing setpoint values for the storage system according to selected use case
  • Easy system commissioning and operation through OpenMUC’s bult-in web interface and channel access tool

Further Information