The EEBus protocol provides interesting features for local energy management and grid integration of electric vehicles. Thus, it fits very well in our current research activities as we are setting up a Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW) test stand in our new Digital Grid Lab to test control boxes (FFN Steuerbox) and SMGW use cases. New generations of control boxes will support the EEBus protocol and can be seamlessly integrated into our laboratory infrastructure to communicate with our power-hardware-in-the-loop system. Moreover, in the research project LamA we develop charging algorithms for bidirectional charging of electric vehicles (V2G) which will utilize the EEBus protocol.

With jSHIP and jSPINE we provide custom Java implementations for the communication and data layer of EEBus. Since the EEBus use cases highly depend on the local system we offer implementation and system integration support for the EEBus application layer.

Please contact us if you have any questions about implementation and offered services.


Offered Services

Our generic java implementations jSHIP and jSPINE are offered to setup an EEBus application by your own.

Additionally we provide services to extend your systems and devices with EEBus. With our experience of various research projects, we can identify the necessary EEBus use cases for your project and integrate them.

Typical domains for EEBus:
  • E-Mobility
  • Power Grid
  • Inverter