OpenIEC61850 Overview

openIEC61850 on Maven Central

OpenIEC61850 is an open source implementation of the IEC 61850 standards series licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. The library is written in Java and consists of an MMS client and server. Up to now the following ACSI services are supported:

  • All GetDirectory and GetDataDefinition services
  • GetDataValues and SetDataValues
  • Data set services
  • Unbuffered reporting
  • Buffered reporting (client only)
  • Control
At Fraunhofer ISE we are using OpenIEC61850 for communication with DERs such as CHP units and PV plants. Development of OpenIEC61850 was started by Fraunhofer ISEenergy & meteo Systems GmbH, and OFFIS as part of the eTelligence research project funded by Germany’s Federal Ministery of Economics and Technology. Now that the research project has ended OpenIEC61850 is actively maintained by Fraunhofer ISE. In cases where Java is not an option (e.g. if you want to implement a server on very resource constrained systems) you can also consider libiec61850 which is an alternative implementation in C by Michael Zillgith. Developers: Stefan Feuerhahn Former developers: Chau Do, Michael Zillgith (Fraunhofer ISE), Claus Brunzema, Tobias Weidelt, Bertram Lückehe (energy & meteo Systems) & more