jMBus Overview

jMBus is an implementation of the M-Bus wired and wireless protocols. You can use it to program individual M-Bus wired masters or wireless M-Bus receivers that read meters such as gas, water, heat, or electricity meters.

jMBus is licensed under the GPLv3.  In addition we sell jMBus under proprietary licenses if needed. Please contact us if you need another license. Proprietary licenses are negotiated individually.

For M-Bus wired communication the library communicates over a serial port or USB port with an M-Bus master/level-converter device. We have successfully tested the library with level-converters from Relay.

For wireless M-Bus communication the library requires a transceiver usually connected via USB. Currently jMBus support transceivers from Amber and Radiocrafts. The library was tested with the AMB8465-M from Amber and the RC1180-MBUS from Radiocrafts. The jMBus library only supports passive listening for messages in modes S and T at the moment.

Developers: Stefan Feuerhahn & Dirk Zimmermann

Former developers: Michael Zillgith