The REACT project is an EU founded project that strives to make geographical islands self-sustainable through optimal utilization of renewable energies and community engagement. Another aspect of the project is to lower energy costs by maximizing the island’s community self-sufficiency, as Islands are typically heavily dependent on mainland energy imports that come at an increased price (up to +400%). In order to be generally applicable, the project is carried out in three pilot islands with different climates and market contexts:

  • La Graciosa, Canary Islands (SPAIN)
  • San Pietro, Sardinia (ITALY)
  • Inis Mór, Aran Islands (IRELAND)
During the project, 23 partners from 11 EU countries have built an ecosystem that collects data from energy meters, PV installations, batteries, heat pumps and a power to hydrogen system. Based on this data, forecasts for consumption and generation are generated to optimize energy flows by controlling batteries, heat pumps and power to hydrogen systems. The ecosystem includes user interaction with a consumer recommender that gives the pilot participants hints how to optimize their energy consumption, also granting them control over the assets installed in their homes.

OpenMUC Applications

OpenMUC is utilized as a part of the cloud services and on edge devices installed in 40 pilots.

The OpenMUC Edge Gateway is an application running on a single board computer installed in the pilot. It serves to collect measurement data from connected electric meters, pv and battery inverters and power to hydrogen systems. The data is bundled and uploaded to REACT cloud. The gateway also serves to control assets based on controllers that operate parameters of the assets, such as (active) power at grid connection point, consumption power shaving and generation power shaving. Communication to the REACT cloud is done using the MQTT communication protocol, whereas Modbus is used to fetch measurements from assets and write control values.

The OpenMUC Cloud Middleware is part of the REACT cloud services. It is connected to a database that contains planned optimized controls to balance the energy flow in the pilot island community. It forwards the controls to the MQTT server at execution time for such that the edge devices to put it into action as described above.

Further information

Find more information on the official project homepage: