jSML Overview

jSML is an LGPL licensed Java library implementing the Smart Message Language (SML).

SML is communication protocol for transmitting meter data for so called smart meters. SML is similar to XML with regard to its ability to nest information tags within other tags. But the standard way of coding SML packets is in a more efficient binary format that is similar but not equal to BER encoding. Also the specification comes in a form that is similar to ASN.1 but not completely standards compliant.

The jSML library can be used to easily construct SML messages, encode them, and then send them. Just as easily received messages can be decoded. jSML implements the SML Transport Layers necessary to communicate over TCP/IP and serial connections. View the sample files for more details.

The software has been tested under Linux but should also work on Windows with little or no modifications. The easiest way to learn how to use jSML is to take a look at the sample programs which are packaged with the distribution.

Developers: Stefan Feuerhahn & Manuel Bührer