Highly Efficient and Intelligent PV Battery System

The feed-in limitations that apply to PV-Battery-Systems lead to curtailment losses if the system is controlled with the target of strict maximization of self-consumption. This problem is addressed in the project HeiPhoss. An algorithm was developed that can delay charging of the battery depending on the expected photo voltaic generation. Using this algorithm the profitability of a PV-Battery-System could be improved significantly by preventing curtailment losses while simultaneously preserving the rate of self-consumption.

OpenMUC Application

The Control algorithm was implemented on an OpenMUC system that communicated with the inverter via the OpenIEC 61850 stack.

  • Communication with inverter via IEC 61850
  • Logs PV generation, household load and battery operation via IEC 61850
  • OpenMUC WebUI App for PV battery visualization
  • Supplies WebUI for external examination of field test equipment via REST
  • OpenMUC driver retrieves PV forecast from an external provider
  • Module to compute household load forecast based on historic values
  • Innovative heuristic scheduling algorithm for scheduling of battery charing

Further Information on HeiPhoss