City of Aachen

Energy Monitoring System

The energy monitoring system of the building management of the city of Aachen presents consumption data in an hourly time interval. With the web interface, anyone can carry out energy and consumption controlling.
  • Special evaluation options are available for domain experts, such as the creation of specific characteristic values, tools for calculating connected loads, active fault and alarm management. Furthermore, the system is used for the commissioning of new buildings in order to implement and maintain the “Aachener Standard” for monitoring.
  • The meter readings of the main or sub meters of a building are read out every 15 minutes and initially stored temporarily in an OpenMUC based data logger on site. Once a day, this data is transferred to the central database computer of the energy management and processed there.
  • The transparency down to the level of the individual meters helps the operator to detect errors at an early stage. In addition, the operator can use the data to identify recommendations for action that will lead to more efficient plant operation
  • Currently 170 buildings with 1200 meters are monitored

OpenMUC Application

  • One OpenMUC logger is used per building to read out several meters
  • Access and configuration via the Web GUI and REST interface
  • The energy meters are connected via M-BUS
  • Recording of the data such as power, temperatures, flow rates in 15 minute intervals
  • Data upload to backend for further processing

Further Information