Heat Pump Field Trial

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Identification of solutions for the appropriate application of heat pumps for space heating and domestic hot water in existing buildings. Metrological monitoring of 100 heat pumps over three heating periods (20 of them over two heating periods with smart control). Energetically, ecologically and economically assessment of monovalent, monoenergetic as well as bivalent (hybrid) driven heat pump systems. Determining the potential for services with applying the functionality provided by “SG Ready”-control. OpenMUC is used locally and on a server for the smart controlled heating systems.

OpenMUC Applications

Smart Control

  • M-Bus communication for monitoring heating power with M-Bus heat-meter, flow meter, gas meter, …
  • wM-Bus communication for ambient temperature monitoring
  • SG Ready Controlling
    • with Wago over Modbus TCP
    • directly on heat pump with Modbus TCP
  • Modbus TCP for monitoring internal heat pump measurements
  • REST/JSON client for communication with the cloud service


  • OpenMUC REST/JSON server for central heating schedule service

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